Desert Park Osoyoos to host best Canadian viewing of Solar Eclipse

A once-in-a lifetime event is coming to North America and the Desert Park Exhibition Society wants to make sure that you and your children remember it.

Desert Park will host a special August 21 viewing of the Great American Solar Eclipse. Our Science of the Sun brunch and celebration will be especially geared to youngsters — offering a fun, affordable, educational way to fully appreciate the solar eclipse.

Between 9 a.m. and noon August 21, the Moon, the Sun and Earth will align in an almost perfectly straight line and the Moon will cast its shadow on Earth. From our perspective, it will look like the Moon has taken a 90% bite out of the Sun.

“We’re hoping to involve a number of local folks to share their expertise and present the background history of the Solar Eclipse to all of us” said Bruce Fuller, President of Desert Park.

“This will be a memorable event and our facility is the perfect venue to share it with everyone.”

The event will result in an almost total loss of sunlight — which can cause the temperature to drop 10 or more degrees — while the change in lighting will makes shadows look sharper on the ground.

Outside of the continental United States, Osoyoos is among the very best places to view the eclipse.

Tickets for the Desert Park event — strategically located above the Town of Osoyoos and providing an unobstructed view of the eclipse — are $10 for adults and $7.50 for students and youth aged 13-18. Accompanying children from one to 12 can attend free of charge.

Tickets include brunch, entertainment and a free pair of eclipse viewing glasses. (Viewing the eclipse without protective wear is not recommended.)

Other fun activities — including music, games and face painting — will keep the youngsters entertained while the big moment approaches.